Weighted Blankets,  Lap Pads &  Bespoke  Orders

Here at FunkyDory Kidz we create "Sensory Weighted Products" for all ages and we use various themed fabrics to suit your child's needs.

Our creations  are all handmade with the Funkiest Love.

Just a mum just trying to help others who will benefit from these FunTastic Blankets, Compression Sheets    and Lap Pads.



The blankets are made from a range of fabrics fleece, cottons and mixture of both. There is no rule to what size the blanket should be but the most important rule is that the user should be able to push this blanket off them easily.

We do not recommend anyone under 2 years of age to use blanket as they may not have the strength or mobility to move their weighted product.

I use very good quality virgin material plastic pellets, used in the medical industry, therefore safe for all sorts of uses.
With a melting temperature of over 200degrees, so they are perfectly fine in the big bad washing machine!

You should only allow your child to use their blanket under adult supervision and always check for wear and tear, just to keep them super safe!!!

Our weighted blankets are 10% of your childs weight plus 1kg.

Weighted blankets are a safe and effective therapeutic solution, helping sensory seeking children and adults feel a calming sense for their body, helping aid a peaceful nights sleep.

The weight can help to relieve anxiety and stress, easing transition and helping to prevent melt-downs and repetitive behaviours.


We use various fabrics such as cotton and fleece, fleece giving extra sensory input for those with sensory issues, though this will be different for each person, you could have full fleece, full cotton or a mix of both. 

I normally recommend fabrics from your choice of design/colours i.e some people like Thomas The Tank, Owls, Cars, Vintage Trains, Stripes or could be just down to choice of colour.

I will then source fabric designs/colours and send them by email to allow to choose what design is required to suit the needs of the person requiring blanket .

My blankets are all made to order so providing the customer with a choice, allows me to order in what is required to make a Super, Funky Blanket!!!  


These are the sizes I create......


Sizes would be Small - 100cm x 120cm (recommended for up to height 3ft).

Medium - 100cm x 140cm (recommended up to 5ft) this blankey slightly smaller than a single bed size but will cover body.

Large 100cm x 160cm (this is single bed size).


For example Small Full Fleece Blanket - with 3kg weight would be £65.00, Medium with 3kg 75.00 and Large with 3kg 85.00 and each subsequent kilo required would be 5.00 per kilo.

Each size is given as a recommendation but please feel free to choose a size appropriate for you.

Once you have  provided me with  the correct  weight, design/choice of fabric (after I have given you the sample of designs to choose) and size, I will provide you with the total cost of the  weighted blanket.   

Each    blanket we create are all bespoke and we try our best to source great fabrics at fair    prices.  We will provide various price options on different quality and designs of    fabrics     when we give you samples to allow you to choose what is suitable all round.  


I ask for a deposit of £25.00 for weighted blanket and remaining balance on completion. Blanket will    be ready within 7 to 10 days from deposit - if for any reason this is not the case, Funkydory Kidz will keep you informed.


I can also delivery free in the Inverness area and £6.95 postage outwith.


Lap Pads have the same great input as our Weighted Blankets but are portable and can be used anywhere such as School, Car, Meal Times and Much More.

Lap Pads do not need to weigh the same as your recommended  weight  in a Weighted Blanket as the weight is condensed into such a small area.

Our Lap  Pads  are  30cm x 45cm (Approx) and choice of weight is 1kg (Younger Children up to age of 10) or 2kg (Older Children & Adults) - weights are just a recommendation, each person's needs are different, may need more weight or less.  


These "Funky Compression Sheets" are a new product created by FunkyDory Kidz which is a less expensive alternative to a Weighted Blanket and provides similar sensory input for the users body. I was asked to create one for a customer to help her son who has sleep issues and they gave it a 5* review as they have had the best sleep they have had in years.


Since then we have been creating them for other customers and had such a positive impact. The Compession sheets come in either Pink Or Blue and made of All - Way Stretch Lycra (80% Nylon, 20% Spandex/Elastane). Wondering how they work, well the sheets are just like a pillow slip/case.....Just place at bottom of mattress and pull up and the user whether that be an adult or a child, jumps right under the super, smooth lycra sheet.


The compression sheet is like one big giant hug, allowing the user to feel secure but also providing deep pressure sensory feedback to the user too. Helping the user feel a calming sense for their body, helping aid a peaceful nights sleep and it can also help to relieve anxiety and stress but it also allows fidgeting too - make lots of shapes inside your sheet - Little ones will love this.


Fully Washable - If dirty, wash at 30! Dries quick too!


Prices for FunkyDory Kidz Compression Sheets are:- SINGLE £35 DOUBLE £45.00


£10 Deposit and remaining balance on completion. Please message us if wish to order. Love FunkyDory Kidz x

If your weighted product is dirty...please wash at 30 .

Save the Planet!
All blankets are machine washable at 30 Degrees.
Do not Tumble Dry.
Look for signs of general wear and tear so no loose pellets.

Price start from £25.00 for Lap Pads.
Prices start from £60.00 Weighted Blankets.

We always give you a choice of fabric, so we know your extra, extra happy!!!!

Please contact us, to discuss your weighted blanket/lappad/compression sheet.

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