WOW hand & Footprint Keepsakes


WOW Silver Jewellery Capture your child's hand and footprint's whatever their age, in beautiful silver jewellery FOREVER! 99.9% Fine Silver.

Due to Covid -19 we are sending out wow kits for £5.00 which will be discounted off your order.  Wow kits come with special wipes and paper to take your no-mess print with full instructions.


quick and effective process to get your ever lasting print for your keepsake.    


Prices Start From:- All items come with a free cleaning cloth.


The price for a necklace including 20in sterling silver snake chain is £83.00 in any design.

Dogtag pendants are £89.00.

For a charm only with silver split ring to attach is £69.00.

Rustic Pandora Bead is £79.00. You can also buy alternate Charm connectors, Thomas Sabo or Pandora Type for £16.00.

Can also buy a 7" sterling silver charm bracelet for £29.00.

Round Cufflinks are £98. 

Square Cufflinks are £109.00.

Bookmarks with choice of pink, black or blue tassel are £83.00. Keyrings on a Silver Carabineer are £83.00.

Mobile Phone/Handbag Charm Hanger:- £73.00. 

Tie Bar: - £83.00.

Star Necklace:- £95.00.

2 Descending Heart Necklace : £145.00.

3 Descending Heart Necklace : £200.00.

4 Descending Heart Necklace : £241.00.

5 Descending Heart Necklace : £281.00. (All Descending Heart Necklace's include a 20" Silver Snake Chain).

Baby Tooth Necklace on a 20" Chain: £83.00.

Scrabble Letter with Number Necklace on 20" Silver Chain: £83.00.

Name Pendants with Swarovski Crystals 1 x pendant: £74.00.

Name Pendants with Swarovski Crystals 2 x pendant: £89.00.

Name Pendants with Swarovski Crystals 3 x pendant: £103.00.

Silver Heart Earrings:- £90.00.

Ceramic Heart or Star:- £83.00.

Glass Paper Weight Various Colours: £87.00.

Marble Paper Desk Weight: £77.00.

Black Marble Desk Weight: £77.00.

Crystal Paper Weight: £87.00.

Stamps Small Max 35mm Long x 25mm Wide: £44.00.

Stamps Large Max 75mm Long x 50mm Wide: £48.00.

Oscaro Aquamarine Blue CZ Stones Bracelet: £85.00.

Oscaro Sweet Freshwater Pearl Bracelet: £85.00.

Brown/Black Leather Bracelet with Silver Plate:- £85.00.

NEW Memorial Resin Heart Necklaces

New silver heart with coloured resin infill, which contains a sample of ashes, plus some glitter (if requested) to make it sparkle.The hearts are all handmade from scratch, the same as the other silver jewellery, we hand-make the silver bezel which is a chunky 2.5mm, then add the ashes (cremains), glitter with coloured or clear resin.


Vermeil all over 24ct Gold Plating on silver pendent : £44.00.

Vermeil 24ct Gold Plating of silver chain : £29.00.

Gold Infills: £30.00.

Cold resin colour infills BLUE/PINK(Like Enamel): £29.00.

Antiqued (aged/tarnish/effect) to imprints: £13.00.

Engraving on rear (up to 20 characters):- £29.00.

No Snake Chain Required:- -£5.00.

No Ball Chain Required:- -£8.00.

You can have two hands or two feet or a hand and foot on a necklace.

The dog tags, you can have up to 4 prints.

For individuality of each child/adult/animal imprints , the descending necklaces would be ideal.

Any age 0mths to 100+yrs...

*Payment Plan Option Available.


Payment plan consists of a payment card on receipt of first payment, and you can choose how long & how much you wish to pay by Paypal or Direct Banking. Every payment you make, you will receive a receipt to keep in your payment card.


Prints can be taken at any time whether by booking or I can send out a pack.


On receipt of your last payment or full payment, a template will be put together for your approval. Once approved, your WOW Product will be with you within 7-10 days.


Any questions, please contact us and we will be happy to help you. /(07511)-096582  or our Facebook Page

Pawprint Offset Heart
Antique Finish on Heart
Offset Heart Keyring
Pandora Style Charm
Pandora Style Charm
Heart on Charm Connector
Square Pendant
3 Descending Hearts
Offset Heart & Gold Vermeil Infill
Offset Heart
Offset Heart
Heart with wording & imprint
Square Cufflinks
Round Pendant
Gold Vermeil Infills on Heart
Gold Vermeil Coating
Leather Bracelet with Pendant
Round Cufflinks
Pandora Style Charm
Draining on Oval Pendant
Heart with wording on reverse
Dogtag & Wording
Leather Bracelet with Pendant
Heart with Pawprint
Heart on Charm Connector
Fingerprint on Heart
aw and Human prints on a Pendant
Square % Round Pendants
Hand & Foot on Pendant
Diamond Pendant
Round Pendant
Teardrop Pendant
Heart on Charm Connector
Keyring with Various Prints
Pandora Style Charm
WOW - 2 Descending Hearts
2 Descending Hearts
Heart with Paw Prints
Round Pendant with Snake Chain
Tie Pin with Small Round Pendant
Round pendant with imprint
Round cufflinks
Imprint on plectrum
Charms for Thomas Sabo/Pandora
Heart Pendant on Keyring
Imprints taken on paper with wipes
Offset heart with paw print
Heart with two prints and names
Oval pendant
Heart with Gold Vermeil Coating
Square Cufflinks
Silver Bracelet
Peas in a Pod
Heart Pendant
Selection Of WOW
3 Descending Heart Necklace
Teardrop necklace with Blue Infills
Bookmark with Blue Tassle
Round Cufflinks with Gold Infills
Offset Heart Necklace
WOW Necklaces
Shape Sizes of WOW
4 Descending Heart Necklace